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How to Stay Motivated Through Your Weight Loss Journey

There's going to come times where you just want to skip your workout. eat those three slices of pizza, or even just quit all together. It's inevitable. It's never not going to happen, but there are ways to keep your eyes on the prize. Visualize your weight loss. Write it on your bathroom mirror. Write your starting weight, your goal weight, and how many pounds lost. The bathroom is a perfect place to give yourself a motivation check for those days you feel sluggish because it's a place you walk into every day. Print out a picture of your dream bod and tape it to your fridge. Again, another place where you'll see it every day, multiple times a day. When you want to say "screw it and order take-out," your dream bod will be staring at you saying "NO!" Plus, a lot of take-out menu's are on posted on the fridge, so another reason to keep it there! Put post-it's all over your house that have motivational quotes/phrases to drive you to keep going. Customize them by talking to yourself. For example, write "Come on Brad, you never finish anything. KEEP GOING!" That will for sure get you up to the gym. Don't forget to write some encouraging ones to yourself like "You've come this far, you're so close!" t's always recommended to have a cheat day every now and then. Have your fitness calendar up in your kitchen, so that way when you're really craving a big, juicy, greasy burger, you can tell yourself, "Brad you only have three days until you can eat that burger. BE PATIENT!" Just like when you cut out pop from your diet, the longer you go without it, the less you crave it. Now, when I do have a sip of an ice cold coke, I ask myself how I ever drank that sugary stuff! I can practically feel my teeth rotting as soon as it hits my mouth. No, bueno! When you don't want to get out of bed and just want to lay there all day, that gives you all the more reasons to burn some calories. Quickly change your mindset and you'll notice a big difference. Make it a habit to not even think a negative thought the very minute you wake up. The minute you wake up, GET UP, grab some breakfast, and pop in your REACTION DVD. Afterwards, you'll feel so good and thank yourself for not spending the day in bed and getting stuff done! For more health and fitness tips and tricks, follow us on social media! @kevinmanningfitness

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