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$20 DVD Bootcamp - Yes - Please

I don't know about you, but this cold weather has me dreaming about being on the beach and dipping my toes in the salt water of Maui. One thing stopping you? Let me guess, you're a long way away from your "dream bod?" Excuses, excuses! Get up and take life by the horns. That dream bod isn't as far as you think! There's just this itch you can't scratch...I know the feeling. You dream about your chiseled abs and sculpted pecks, but you feel like "there's no way I can do that!" Let me tell you something...YES YOU CAN! Don't let that little voice in your head tell you any different. You are your own worst enemy. Quiet that voice and get to WORK. Time to sign up for BOOTCAMP! Yup, I said it. BOOTCAMP! My Reaction Bootcamp DVD was created for those of you that are in the beginning stages of your transformation. No need for major fitness need to leave the house.. you just need a fierce attitude. Those abs and pecks are just a button away...literally! If you like to multi-task, you'll love this workout DVD. I've specifically created it to train multiple muscle groups AT THE SAME TIME!

If you have a busy schedule as it is and don't have the extra brain room to remember if it's "leg day or abs" then Reaction Bootcamp is your solution. To tackle another excuse, this program is ONLY $20 right now! Get it while you can and start tracking your results! I want you to keep me posted on your progress. For more workout inspiration and advice, follow me on Instagram at @kevinmanningfitness.

PS..For those of you who need to get out of the house at have someone hold you accountable - you're in luck. Reaction CODE RED is every Sunday --> Read more here

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