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LAB by Kevin Manning

Looking for a sign telling you that "it is time?" Time for what exactly? Time to transform your body and change your life. It's time to start feeling better than ever and having the ripped body you've dreamt of. With LAB, your dreams are about to be your reality.

If you're someone that benefits from having a coach with you every step of the way...this program was designed for YOU. It's crucial to have someone inspiring you during workouts, dieting, and motivating you to KEEP GOING! And not just anyone can fill those shoes, Kevin Manning is here for you to surpass your goals and leave them in the dust!

YOU, YES YOU! It's time to dominate 2016! ARE YOU WITH ME?!

LAB is 12 week self-paced training program that allows you to work out whenever and wherever you want. This was designed for anyone from any walk of life. Challenge yourself and crush your fitness plateau by graduating to the next tier. Hate public gyms? NO PROBLEM! LAB gives you the flexibility to work out any time of day and in your favorite space...your home!

Time to show your family and friends what you're made of...solid steel! There's nothing better than sweating up a storm and feeling like a million bucks. And when you feel like a million bucks, you LOOK like a million bucks ;)

You owe it to yourself to get up and try. Before you know it, physical fitness is going to be your new way of life.

So, I challenge you to fulfill your promise to yourself. Lucky for you, LAB is on sale for a limited time! Is that another coincidental sign or what?! Click here to read more about the 3 LAB programs available to you.

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