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What to eat before and after a workout

*alarm goes off* You roll over and tap your phone so that God awful sound will stop, hop up, and guzzle down some water. Drinking some warm water as soon as you wake up has countless benefits including jump starting your metabolism, hydrates, fuels your brain and of course flushes those good ole kidneys of yours. If you're one of those that hates drinking water, because it has "no taste," then add a splash of lemon juice and your world will be changed. Before you hit your workout, it's VITAL to make breakfast. Again, some people say that they're just "not hungry" in the morning, BUT how can your car run when the tank is empty? That's right. It CAN'T! Your meals are going to look a little different before and after your workout. You wouldn't eat a steak at 5 am AND 5 pm. Same gist. So, think carbs before your workout. They're going to help you stay fueled up to get you through your entire workout. Here are some of my favorites: Whole wheat toast- add peanut butter and slices of fruit such as bananas and strawberries. Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon on top to stabilize your blood sugar. You can also spread avocado and add fresh veggies such as tomatoes, cucumber, or even bell peppers. Again, think light! I am not talking about toast and chipped beef gravy, guys... Greek yogurt and granola- be sparing with the granola and drizzle a teaspoon of liquid gold aka honey to boost memory and alleviate seasonal allergies. Smoothie- Blend a cup of plain Greek yogurt, your favorite fruit, and a dash of almond milk for a great-tasting smoothie. If you commute to the gym, pour it in a to-go cup and drink it on the way. Because you KILLED your workout, you need to fill your tank back up with nutrients and proteins. The proteins will help repair your muscles and keep you feeling full, so you don't snack later. Here are some excellent ideas to eat after your workout: Grilled chicken and fresh vegetables- Add some seasoning (basil, rosemary, garlic powder, pepper) to your chicken, so it doesn't taste too bland. As a side, steam up some broccoli florets, carrots, or asparagus. Egg white omelet- Do your heart a favor and don't add any extra salt to your egg whites or to any of your other meals. Not only will your heart thank you, it'l also help you in your weight loss journey. If you keep it up, I bet that you won't even say "pass the salt" again! Load it up with tons of veggies and your body will be on the way to recovery. Fuel up with tuna/salmon/tilapia- One of my favorite ways to make salmon is in foil packets. Wrap salmon in foil with a tablespoon of olive oil, pepper and garlic powder. Then, layer some asparagus or green beans and drizzle a bit more olive oil. Wrap it up and bake for 45 minutes. Voila! You have your main meal and side dish cooked at the same time with minimal clean up! Remember to read labels if you're picking things to-go and stay disciplined! After all, abs are made in the kitchen. ;) Need more meal or snack ideas? Follow me on social media and I'll keep you posted on ways to stay motivated and give you updates on special promotions.

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