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Group Exercise For Results!

Many times, people come check out my group fitness classes because their routine has gotten a little stale. They do a class or two and realize that true results do not come easy. I always hope they stick around and become class regulars, because week after week, I witness them getting stronger, leaner and more confident. In this weeks guest contribution, my Bootcamp client Libby Burton tells her story about why she decided to take control of her fitness. It even earned her a spot as a cast member on my reaction Bootcamp DVD! Congrats Libby! You've had great progress and hard work DOES pay off! Thanks for sharing @_lburton See you at bootcamp!

I began working with Kevin in June of 2014. I wasn't content with how my body looked & I knew I needed to do something about it. There are various types of exercise classes out there, but I can guarantee you won't find anything else as unique as Kevin's! I always did my own workouts at the gym, however, as many know that can get boring after awhile. By joining Kevin's bootcamps, I was able to really jump start my fitness and see the results I'd been trying to attain. In addition to weekly bootcamps I train on my own five days a week. In the first six months of working with Kevin I was able to reach my goal weight & drop two sizes in jeans. It's now ten months later & I have managed to remain the same size. Through bootcamps & my own training I have been able to gain the confidence I needed to feel great about myself. For me, fitness is not just a hobby but rather, it is a way of life. It is true that fitness impacts all aspects of your life for the better. My only wish is that I would have started working with Kevin much sooner!

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