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Voted Best of Dayton 2016-2023 not only for Personal Training but also Best Group Fitness Instructor. Kevin is Dayton, Ohio's most sought-after fitness trainer. He provides clients with an unparalleled fitness experience. Everyday he inspires people to live the healthiest life possible with private, in-home training and corporate or group settings with Signature Group Exercise Classes. Kevin specializes in weight loss, muscle building, and maintenance training.


Born and raised in Dayton with a B.A. in communication from Wright State University, Kevin was inspired to pursue a career in fitness after having successfully lost weight, getting into the best shape of his life after working with some of the best trainers in the industry post-college. On the suggestion of his trainer, after having quit a full time job on a leap of faith, he embarked on personal training to make ends meet. After a start in local gyms helping friends lose hundreds of pounds and inspiring those around him to get fit, he launched his own brand in 2008 focusing on elite-level clients training in the most private of settings- their own homes. Everyone can work with him every Sunday in his Signature Group Exercise Classes. In 2008 he also launched BodyScience, an all-inclusive beach retreat experience, whisking clients off to the sunny beaches of Florida to further ensure their weight loss and fitness goals are met. In 2015, he produced the regions first ever fitness DVD, REACTION BOOTCAMP. The brand was further expanded in 2016 with the launch of LAB, a interactive training program that allows participants to use his successful techniques on their own. 


Kevin continues his work in the fitness industry and maintains several certifications including AMFPT, ISSA, and FitTour PT.


Kevin Manning- Owner/Operator/Elite Trainer

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