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Fitness = Success

Have you come to a point where you accept getting slower, weaker, and unfocused? Maybe you need to lose some weight and your joints hurt. Maybe you struggle making good decisions (in life or in business). Fitness can be used for a multitude of things, even stress relief. In the 3rd of my guest contributors, my client Michael tells you how fitness improved every aspect of his life, and in his 50s, is the fittest he's ever been. By the way- he never misses a session or a Bootcamp class, ever. And he's lost serious weight and kept it off. Thanks for sharing @michaelb2300 ! Jogging…that was my workout, and I didn’t do that very well or very often. I had just turned 50 and was starting to accept declining energy, losing mental focus, and overall physical deterioration were just a normal part of life. A friend referred me to Kevin (in 2010) and I said I would try working out with him a few times…that was about a thousand workouts and bootcamps ago. Fitness isn’t something I have to do; rather it’s just part of my life now. It’s not the workouts that I like (arrgg), it’s what they do for me the other 23 hours every day. The way I feel, think, and act have all been transformed. I know that I make a greater contribution to my family, my business, my community, and my spiritual health as a result.

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