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Best of Dayton Nominee!

Due to some of you nominating me & my business, Kevin Manning Elite Training has been selected as a finalist for Dayton's Best Personal Trainer by Dayton Magazine at the 2015 Best of Dayton Event. Voting takes place at the event only, so I need to get as many of you there as possible! I can get you advanced tickets for half price, $10 each. You are given a ballot, 2 drink tickets, and will get lots of swag and samples from all finalists. Please let me know this week how many tickets you'd like! This should be fun either way. It's an honor to just be nominated! The event is on Thursday October 29 at Dayton Convention Center, so I'll be needing some help and hopefully many of you will attend. Thanks for your support and nominations! A trainer is only as good as his clients!

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