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Everyone's time is valuable and that includes mine. Please note that the cancellation policy is strictly enforced and there are very limited exceptions to the rule. Not enforcing a cancellation policy is detrimental to both myself and the client. Believe me, I have heard every excuse under God's given sun. This will firmly reduce the excuses you may make to avoid showing up for yourself.


 I understand that Kevin Manning Elite Fitness operates on a scheduled hourly appointment basis for private training sessions. Therefore, when cancelling an appointment, I am required to provide MORE than 24-hour notice, for which no additional fee shall be incurred. However, if I cancel a session LESS than 24 hours to the scheduled time, I shall be charged in full for that training session. 

Much time is spent figuring out a schedule for all clients each and every week. One cancel could derail everything built around it. The more time I have, the more success I will have trying to relocate that session on the schedule. Every attempt will be made to reschedule the session. Last minute cancellations will not be tolerated.

In the event of illness, you may present a doctors note within 3 days for full reimbursement of cancel. 


Cancellations for group classes are handled a bit differently. Within 24 hours of class, you will receive an automated text message or email if you are signed up for a class and choose to cancel.  If you are registered for a discount, you must cancel within 48 hours of class. Below is the message you will receive:


If your message is in regard to your cancellation of class within 48 hours and you pre-registered, you will be charged a $32 cancel fee per policy. In the event you are ill, please provide a doctors note within 3 days to avoid cancellation charges.  The signup provides a discount to you, but also requires a commitment. The only option to avoid the cancel fee is your attendance.


Cancellations will be emailed a rental of that workout class for you to do on your own time. The link will expire 48 hours after class. 


Updating any preregistration signup to “RENT” instead of live within 48 hours of class is considered a cancellation and will also carry the fee.  If you intend to rent or stream, please indicate that in the comment section of SignUpGenius within 48 hours of class. The classes are planned and equipment is selected based off live attendance projections. 


Thank you for understanding. 

No additional action needs to be taken. 

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