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Introducing METHOD, a 5-part, 25 minute workout series that offers you a total body transformation by Dayton's Best Personal Trainer.

METHOD is designed to burn calories faster than ever, release fat-blasting hormones and crank your metabolism to heights it's never seen.

Featuring 4 workouts that feature the apex system of training, plus an entire flexibility session, these 25 minutes workouts will get you results like nothing else before. We are all pressed for time. Give me 25 minutes of hard work and feel like you've accomplished a full hour of fitness! Use these workouts in your program and transform quicker than ever!

Included in the METHOD set:

MELT 25 minutes of pulse pounding high intensity cardio to rip through as many calories as possible.

PEAK 25 minutes is more than enough to pour buckets of sweat doing intensity cardio using weights

NORTH Get a lean and muscular upper body with this quickly paced chest, back, arm, shoulder and core routine.

SOUTH Train the wheels in this boundary shattering lower body workout that will show you what a leg workout really can be.

FLEX A full fledged flexibility, mobility, and yoga infused routine created due to popular demand. Focus on repair and recovery so you can go all out on your workouts!

Now there are no excuses. 25 minutes is all it takes to get completely and efficiently worked.


METHOD DVD Collection

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