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An entire enhanced E-Book with everything you need to get in sick shape!

-12 weeks of training featuring over 30 workouts
-Access to form videos and the Kevin Manning LAB Instagram
-Nutritional Guide
-Flexibility Guide
-Bonus Workouts

LAB The 12-Week Training Program

$150.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
  • This is my 12-week training program custom designed for you to train like I do and get into the best shape of your life. This program is for anyone of any age, of any sex, and from any walk of life. Including you. It'll produce great results and lead to lasting success. This unique program allows you to start at your own level and work at your own pace. Everyone's body is different, but the same training, diet, and supplement principles work for nearly everyone. This is a digital program that is tablet and phone compatible. You will download the program right to your device and take it with you anywhere! Through different fitness modalities and techniques, my team and I will guide you through over 30 sick workouts that will yield the results you seek. This is a digital download program. Upon purchase you will be sent a download link via your email. After downloading please request to follow @KevinManningLAB on Instagram to view video content. * 12 weeks of weight training and cardio designed as an optimal split. * Over 30 separate workouts. * An online support option to guide you through whatever questions or concerns you may have. * Each workout designed by muscle group and synergistic splits. * Proper technique and form for every exercise through photographs and a brand new website and social media based video program. * Effectively trains all muscle groups. * Exclusive Tier offers a individualized nutritional program based upon your biochemical needs: This will include the importance of knowing your numbers and macronutrients as well as supplementation. A nutritional guide is provided that explains everything you need to know and do- to take much of the guesswork out of the program. *Prescribed cardio methods to further ensure you are continuing to blast fat lending itself to your ultimate results.
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