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I love the idea of being fearless with fitness and in life. Kevin Manning Elite Fitness is as much a lifestyle brand as a luxury fitness brand that you know and trust . That gives me the ability to get outside of being just another trainer showing yet another gym shot or boring sweaty selfie. I can be more interesting than that. I don’t want a shot of a weight  rack or step boards in my marketing. I want to do things that no one else will dare touch. I want to continue to raise the bar and set it so high it may seem untouchable. This is one of the reasons I was voted Best of Dayton. 



I want you to achieve a level of fitness you never thought possible, but I also want to create conversations and make people think about what they are doing. Everyone that trains with me knows that I do not do things by the book. When you join my team, you have a support system like nothing else. Every client is fearless in what they do and we want you to experience the same. I want you to break out and find the best you, free of excuses and ready to do what it takes to take life by the balls.  I want you to break the mold. I want you to be unique. I want you to take a right when everyone else goes left.  I want you to be your own success story because you are unafraid to pursue your goals, in fitness, and other aspects, and I want you to be unapologetic about it. Those who show up to play see the results.  Be a winner. Be a deal closer. Be fearless. 



My goal is to show what it means to be fearless. We wanted to explore all the ways one could be fearless, and it’s so interesting. The interpretations of these editorials are going to be different for everyone, but the point is,  what drives you? What makes you unapologetic in your success? WHAT MAKES YOU FEARLESS? 




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